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Crawler King with 1973 Ford Bronco Body!

Fri, 31st January 2014

The Crawler King is now available with a fresh new (err, retro!) body in a classically vintage color scheme! The 1973 Ford Bronco body tops the Crawler King in a creamy-cool mix of glossy cream-white and matte black, with matte black multi-spoke wheels wrapped with the...

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Savage XL Octane Preview!

Fri, 31st January 2014

For the big Nürnberg Toy Fair 2014, HPI R&D got the Savage XL Octane out to play! Here's an exclusive preview clip of the Octane running in sunny Southern California and not-so-sunny Europe! Savage XL Octane details: All-new 15cc gasoline powered “Octane”...

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Is this the smallest HPI Baja ever?

Thu, 30th January 2014

This is a 1/32nd scale Baja buggy designed for maximum fun in the tiniest size possible. Small enough to fit in your hand but packed with action and excitement, this tiny Baja is a lightweight yet tough buggy that will have you building tiny ramps and racetracks across your...

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HB HPI's Ty Tessmann takes the 3rd place podium at the Reedy Race!

Wed, 29th January 2014

Congratulations to HB HPI's Ty Tessmann for taking the 3rd place podium spot at the 2014 Reedy Race! Ty drove the soon to be released HB D413 to an excellent finish in the ultra competitive Invitational 4WD Buggy class. Check out the RedRC spotlight on Ty's D413 here...

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2014 HB HPI Challenge Round #1 Report and Photos

Thu, 16th January 2014

After a five-year hiatus, Southern California racers were reintroduced to the HB HPI Challenge Series. Round one of the six-race series was held at the HPI USA HQ in Foothill Ranch, CA. A typical Southern California January “Spring” day with clear blue skies and...

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JJ Wang tritt dem Team HB/HPI Racing Factory Team bei!

Thu, 9th January 2014

Team HB/HPI freut sich ankündigen zu können, dass JJ Wang beim Team HB für 2014 für die Elektro 1:10 Tourenwagen Klasse unterschrieben hat. JJ hat bereits HB/HPI mit dem TCXX in Europa, Amerika und teilweise in China vertreten. Jetzt tritt er jedoch in...

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  • Crawler King 1973 Ford Bronco
  • D8T Tessmann Edition
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  • Micro RS4 Subaru WRX STI GRC

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