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LIVE from the Nürnberg Toy Fair: The HB Pro5!

Sat, 31st January 2015

The New HB Pro5 is Coming Soon! Racers have been hitting the HB area of the HPI Racing show stand, eager to get their hands on the HB Pro5. Our example was assembled by ace HB driver Andy Moore, and is prepared exactly as one of his race cars would be.  Andy tells us,

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LIVE from the Nürnberg Toy Fair: ALL-NEW RS4 Sport 3 Touring Car!

Fri, 30th January 2015

The All-New RS4 Sport 3 is Coming Soon! The RS4 Sport 3 is the all-new touring car chassis from HPI Racing! In development and refined for over a year, the RS4 Sport 3 features a completely sealed and highly efficient shaft drivetrain, coilover shock absorbers plus...

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LIVE from the Nürnberg Toy Fair: The Baja 5R On-Road!

Thu, 29th January 2015

Introducing the new Baja 5R On-Road! The Baja 5R On-Road takes the HPI Baja concept to all-new places: to the streets! With a lowered suspension designed purely for on-road action, the Baja 5R is the perfect way to enjoy large-scale fun while burning up the pavement! ...

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LIVE at the Nürnberg Toy Fair, with Ken Block's Full-Size Car!

Thu, 29th January 2015

We're live at the Nürnberg Toy Fair, in Nürnberg, Germany, the largest toy fair in the world! Officially named Spielwarenmesse but better known as just the 'Nürnberg (or Nuremberg) Toy Fair', the annual trade show features over 2700...

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Team HB HPI Racing beim 2015 Reedy Race of Champions!

Mon, 26th January 2015

Das Team HB HPI Racing war bei der 2015er Auflage des weltberühmten Reedy Race of Champions an diesem vergangenen Wochenende auf dem fantastischen OCRC Raceway in Kalifornien/USA im Renneinsatz. Angeführt von HB HPI Racing`s Weltmeister Ty Tessmann ging das Team...

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Ronnefalk beim ersten Rennen mit dem D413 auf dem Podium!

Thu, 15th January 2015

Endlich war es an der Zeit, mein erstes Rennen mit den neuen HB Autos in meinem neuen Team zu fahren. Der DHI- Cup in Odense, Dänemark, bot dafür den perfekten Rahmen. Einige der besten Teppich-Racer nahmen an diesem traditionsreichen Event teil, 68 in der Klasse...

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