Fantastic Maverick Value with
Awesome Crawling Power!

The Maverick Scout RC Rock Crawler

The Maverick Scout RC is the ultimate way to attack the toughest terrain you can find. The Scout Rock Crawler is capable of astonishing feats of climbing up and over almost anything! With its amazingly flexible suspension, soft grippy tires and forward-mounted weight, the Scout RC is the ultimate off-road machine, able to drive anywhere you can imagine. 

The Scout RC features a full set of waterproof and water-resistant electronics that make it ideal for off-road adventure no matter where you take it. A powerful steering servo is mounted directly to the front axle for maximum steering torque, and a crawler-specific MSC-30BR-SCOUT-WP speed controller handles the brushed MM-25 motor that powers all four wheels. The steering wheel style 2.4GHz controller features every control and adjustment you'll ever need, and the 3-channel receiver is also waterproof for total protection against the elements. 

With a fully-featured off-road rock crawling chassis, the Scout RC is the perfect first rock crawler for your RC garage. It's tough enough to handle the inevitable falls and spills you get when trying tough new routes up seemingly impossible inclines, and it always keeps coming back for more! Soft multi-purpose 2.2" size tires and extra-long coil-over shocks combine with the solid axles and locked differentials for unmatched climbing ability and off-road capability. 


Scout RC Spec:


1. Metal suspension links 
For extra strength and off-road durability

2. MM-25 brushed motor
All the power you need to climb impossible hills

3. Extra-long coil-over shocks
Provide maximum suspension damping in all terrain

4. Shaft 4WD drivetrain
Equipped with universal joints

5. Metal steering links
Simple and efficient


6. Grippy rubber tires
With deep sidewall tread for extra climbing ability

7. Waterproof crawling speed controller
Features specific modes for extra crawling ability

8. Waterproof 3-channel 2.4GHz receiver
Protected from splashes and rain for driving in all conditions

9. Water-resistant servo
Powerful and mounted on the axle for maximum
power transfer

The Scout RC features a moulded tub chassis to contain the electronics and battery pack. It is sandwiched between a pair of U-shaped chassis plates to provide extra strength to the chassis. Pre-built extra-long oil-filled shock absorbers and solid axles front and rear give you supreme confidence on any off-road terrain. Long metal links front and rear provide a long wheelbase for extra stability.


The Scout RC 4WD drivetrain uses efficient ball bearings throughout to give you maximum runtime and efficiency - you can easily get around 20 minutes of driving time from the included 6-cell battery pack (wall charger also included). The front and rear gear differentials are fully locked for maximum power transfer all the way from the motor to the soft rubber tires at all four corners.

Established in 2008

Maverick RC has been a fan favorite across Europe and the UK for years! Maverick kits and parts are developed in the UK by real RC fans - and the same minds that bring you HPI Racing stuff! Maverick RC has been constantly developed to bring you the best and most fun RC action for your money. We're always looking to improve through testing and customer feedback, investing all our energy to keep you having fun on the road, track, beach, park...wherever you enjoy driving your RC!

Maverick Scout RC Kit Features:

  • Crystal Free 2.4Ghz Transmitter and Receiver with built in Failsafe
  • 9Kg high torque steering servo
  • Over 6 inches of suspension travel at over 80 degrees articulation!
  • Battery strap will accept both stick packs and side by side cells
  • 4 oil filled rebuildable shocks with progressive springs
  • Special titanium anodised shock tops
  • 1:48 super low gear ratio for high torque
  • Super strong twin vertical plate chassis
  • Tough efficient 4wd shaft drive train
  • Fully ballraced drive train
  • 2.2 Inch beadlock wheels
  • Medium compound crawler tyres offer all round performance and durability
  • Pre cut body factory finished
  • Front and rear moulded bumpers
  • Ready -To-Crawl straight from the box!

7.2V Ni-MH battery stick pack
Multi-region wall battery charger

Items Required:
4 x AA Batteries


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