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Ty, Teemu and Team HB at the World's Track in Sicily

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We arrived in Itally a couple of days ago, with all of our bags luckily.  Torrance's bag went missing with his underwear and socks (so he was pretty worried) but it also had some new parts for the car, so we were pretty worried! All is good now and we're all set up practicing. Drivers from around the world are in the pits, good to see old friends and our competition.  The track looks really good and we're already a couple of...Weiterlesen

by Gord Tessmann

Ty Prepped for the Worlds in Sicily

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Team Tessmann has been getting prepped for the upcoming World's in Sicily, Italy, so we've built up Ty's cars so they're ready to go as soon as we get to the track. We've also got some brand new bodies for the cars:    If you want to see Ty's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, which raised over $1500 for research, check it out here on Facebook   Make sure to Like Ty on Facebook so you can follow his travels to SicilyWeiterlesen

by Gord Tessmann

Post-Race: Teemu Leino at the 1/10th IC 200mm European Championships

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The final started well, I knew I just had to keep up with Robert, but after the second or third refueling, the fuel tank broke, I thought it was the engine going rich because the car wasn't shifting into second, but it was the fuel tank broken, it was a little bit open. And then it finally broke after the 35 minute mark when we were getting refueled, then my mechanic changed to a new fuel tank and the engine was running perfect again so I lost...Weiterlesen

by Teemu Leino

Post-Race: Andy Moore at the 1:10th Nitro Touring Car Euro's

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I'm very happy to have made the Main, considering how everything started at the end of the week! We started with no race car, no bags (our luggage went missing), then radio problems for days and all the rest of it. So obviously very happy to have made the Main, that was great. I was going to running probably one less stop than everyone else, I was running longer on fuel, so it could have come good at the end, if I'd been able to finish! But...Weiterlesen

by Andy Moore

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