HPI unterstützt die D1RC Crew in Silverstone!

Thu, 4th June 2009

D1RC bei der japanischen Tuning Show / dem europäischen Driftwettbewerb, 31.Mai Das war ein Spaß! Das größte D1RC Driftrennen in Silverstone’s war für uns der größte Erfolg seitdem wir 2005 das erste Driftrennen veranstaltet haben.

Invited to display by our good friends at ‘EDC Need for Speed’, we hit the gates at 6.30 after most of us had already been on the road for several hours. The JTS organisers couldn’t have been more helpful and within an hour we had our track laid, fencing in place, banners up and our new pa system waking the dead! The weather forecast was a sunny 26C and, for once, they got it right and we fried right through to around 6pm when the ebbing crowds allowed us to stop and go! The hours between were filled with great drift track action where we ran no less than five back to back 16 car finals and, thanks to a very generous HPI Europe, we had great drift related prizes for all 10 finalists. Best of all though was the support we received from the crowds that gathered three deep to watch the action. If any of us dared to venture from the garages to the crowd fencing we were immediately collared by spectators who wanted to know about the cars, how much, how hard to drive and, most importantly of all, where could they buy one! If only a retailer stand had been in the neighbouring bay they would have been kept very busy! Drifting has at last come of age in the UK and this is reflecting in interest in 1/10th electric drift cars too. Let’s hope the momentum continues. We were even being stopped as we walked around Silverstone circuit in the breaks by people who recognised us – instant stars – and being told we were the best exhibit there! Certainly the crowds around our fenced area backed this up and they refused to move on until each competition had completed, despite what may have been happening on the full sized circuit. When they did move off, a new audience just formed ready for the next competition! And the competition was of a very high standard too – with the best RC drifters in the UK present, the portable track was laid on the sloping tarmac area to provide a tight circuit that gave long power drifts separated by sharp hair pin transitions. The prizes were awarded from a hat to the two finalists of each competition with no one able to win more than one prize, hence by the last competition 10 of the 16 drivers went home with a very nice HPI Europe donated prize, shells, wheels, tyres, sweat shirts, baseball caps - this was a fun event after all!

Pete Gray and I managed to uphold the Mirage / HPI team honour with our Cyclone TC based cars, both powered by Nosram and on HPI T-Drifts securing top 3 places in 4 of 5 finals. The HB Cyclone TC really is a great drift chassis. The semi finalists of each competition were: Comp 1 1st Michael Fryett 2nd Paul Renshaw 3rd Ant Quinn 4th Paul Edwards Comp 2 1st John Turner 2nd Tom Walton 3rd Pete Gray 4th Ant Quinn Comp 3 1st Tom Walton 2nd Pete Gray 3rd Paul Edwards 4th Matt Clarke Comp 4 1st Pete Gray 2nd Ben Kemp 3rd John Turner 4th Jonathan Dennis Comp 5 1st Richard Lincoln-Smith 2nd Ant Quinn 3rd John Turner 4th Matt Clarke In summary, we all had a really great day – awesome even! – and now look forward to our next exhibition round, EDC Modified Live at Brands Hatch on 28 June, again supported by HPI Europe. The D1RC Drift Display Squad would like to thank the JTS show organisers, EDC Need for Speed and HPI Europe for their much appreciated support.

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