3 Pro 4s in top 10 at IFMAR ISTC Electric World Championship!

Thu, 4th November 2004

3 Pro 4s in top 10 at IFMAR ISTC Electric World Championship!
Team HPI was in full force at the prestigious 2004 IFMAR ISTC Electric World Championship (Touring Car) in Kissimmee, Florida, U.S.A. Full Throttle Speedway was the host event, held on their excellent permanent asphalt race track, complete with realistic painted curbs to define the track layout. Racing against the top factory sponsored drivers from around the world, Team HPI Driver Atsushi Hara finished in 2nd place, Daisuke Yoshioka in 3rd and Andy Moore finishing with a respectable 6th place. Three cars in the final meant there were more Pro 4’s going for the title than any other car!
The HPI World Team: three Pro 4's in the A main - great job! Hara's Pro 4. World class performance straight from the box!
Yoshioka's Pro 4 Andy Moore's Pro 4
The competition is always fierce at an IFMAR World Championships, so having the most cars in the top 10 is a solid accomplishment that shows the competitive advantage of the Pro 4.
Position Driver Car Motor Battery ESC (Electronic Speed Control)
1 Marc Rheinard TRF415 Orion V2 7x1 Orion Twister2
2 Atsushi Hara HPI Pro4 Orion V2 7x1 Orion Twister2
3 Daisuke Yoshioka HPI Pro4 LRP Fusion LRP LRP QC2
4 Masami Hirosaka MRTC-SDW Reedy Yokomo GM SX12W
5 Juho Levanen TC4 Reedy Reedy LRP QC2
6 Andy Moore HPI Pro4 Orion V2 7x1 Orion Nosram
7 Matt Francis JRX Trinity D6 8x4 Trinity LRP QC2
8 Billy Easton MRTC-SD SSG Reedy Yokomo LRP QC2
9 Surikarn Ch. TB Evo4 Peak Vantage Peak Futaba
10 David Spashett JRX Peak Vantage Peak LRP QC2
Hara's traditional paint scheme and colours - looks great! Daisuke Yoshioka's Pro 4 and custom paint scheme Andy Moore's Pro 4 and new paint scheme
The HPI Team drivers used Pro 4 cars that were mainly stock spec. The stock Pro 4 already comes with a high spec as standard including threaded shocks, MIP CVDs (Contant Velocity Driveshaft), anti-roll bars, and titanium turnbuckles and is carbon fibre throughout. Our Team drivers used the following option parts:
73824 2.0mm woven graphite chassis 75169 Delrin Outdrive Set 75168 Front solid axle set (spool)
31404 Carbon Fibre Driveshaft NEW aluminium camber link mount Yoshioka and Hara
Setup Sheets
Position Driver Download
6 Andy Moore Click here to Download

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